The Final 10; Is Now Ready For The Readers

The Final 10; Is Now Ready For The Readers
December 31
15:18 2018

The Final 10; Is Now Ready For The Readers

We had 25 Amazing Artists in this years  “Christmas Calendar” all nominated by you
our fantastic fans and readers.
Out of the 25 artists we needed to downsize to 10 artists for the final.

Here is Top 10 presented in randomly order

Lenu from Poland

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 16

Dave Paulo from Portugal

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 7

Ellen Westholm from Sweden

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 1

Randy Engelhard from Germany

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 21

Alex Pancho from The Netherlands

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 20

Julian Siebert from Germany

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 18

Lena Art from Germany

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 9

Jak Connolly from U.K

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 3

Stacy VL from Denmark

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 8

Hannah Flowers from U.K

Inside Christmas Calendar Day 11

The artists was selected by the Mediazink jury and the Google analytic traffic in the Christmas calendar.
Now we add your votes to the final numbers and then we can announce the Winner.
Choosen by Mediazink – Google Analytics and you our readers.
This is a fair system for all.

Deadline for the voting!
You have now until the 7th of January to vote for your absolutely favorite artists, to become
this years (2018) ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

How to vote!
Use the comment field below. state your Number of the artist or simply write his or hers name.
This is the only place where the votes are getting counted.

Not on our social accounts and pages where we also spread information about this competition.

The 2018 winner will have:

450 Euro value spot at 50 Shades Of Ink in Helsingborg 2019
+ 3 days Hotel near the venue.

1000 Euro spot at 50 Shades Of Ink in Copenhagen 2019.

A huge product package from IQ Tattoocare – Value – 150 Euro.

Diploma and a Golden Gallery and a feature on Mediazink.

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Marcus Anderson

Marcus Anderson

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  1. Pontus
    Pontus January 08, 17:39

    When will the winner be announced ?

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  2. Pully AB
    Pully AB January 08, 01:14

    Lena Art

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  3. Nikos P
    Nikos P January 07, 23:43

    Dave Paulo

    A true winner

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  4. Bobby_landauer
    Bobby_landauer January 07, 21:54

    Randy E

    Reply to this comment
  5. Liza Louyrum
    Liza Louyrum January 07, 21:52

    Stacy VL gets my vote.
    Wonderful artist

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  6. Nicksan
    Nicksan January 07, 17:20

    My vote goes to:
    XMAS CALENDAR Day 11 – Hannah Flowers Studio: Traveling artist, UK Hannah Flowers

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  7. Pelle
    Pelle January 07, 12:24

    I give my vote to Ellen Westholm

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  8. Frank W. Hüber
    Frank W. Hüber January 07, 12:23

    Lena Art has to win this comp.
    Awesome art she does

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  9. Latino Frank
    Latino Frank January 07, 12:07


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  10. Jordan
    Jordan January 06, 15:23

    3!!!! The best

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  11. Henke
    Henke January 04, 23:27

    Jak Connolly – Artist Number 8.

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  12. Arne M
    Arne M January 04, 23:25

    Number 4 – Randy Engelhardt

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  13. Peter Simmons
    Peter Simmons January 03, 21:31

    Julian Siebert

    Reply to this comment
  14. Max
    Max January 03, 21:26

    Lenu vote

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  15. Rollo
    Rollo January 03, 21:15

    LENU should win this

    Reply to this comment
  16. Henke Dietmar
    Henke Dietmar January 03, 21:14

    A.D Pancho

    Reply to this comment
  17. Pontus
    Pontus January 03, 21:14

    Artist n#11

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  18. Scott
    Scott January 03, 19:27

    Number 11 is amazing

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  19. Ballo
    Ballo January 01, 21:01

    1. Lenu from Poland.

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  20. Johan
    Johan January 01, 18:07

    NR 11, Hannah Flowers

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  21. Nikos P
    Nikos P January 01, 11:08

    Randy E.
    Number 4

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  22. Dan Palmer
    Dan Palmer December 31, 16:07

    Tillykke alle
    🙏 #bondedbycolor Langaa-Jylland

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