The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the largest carnival domundo, approved by the Book of Records. It consists of a cultural manifestation and world-famous popular festival and a celebration consisting of different types of events such as samba school parades, carnival balls and blocks and street bands. Also characterized by irreverence, the double meaning of names (especially the blocks) and diversity.

Currently, the street carnival of the city is about five times greater than the celebrations held by the samba schools and presents itself as a multifaceted event, having: blocks of various rhythms like samba, marches, northeastern rhythms, among others; and thematic blocks that touch of Snuff the Beatles.

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Both photo by Eloisa.

After a period of decay of street celebrations when the carnival of the city was confined almost entirely to the parades of the samba schools, the Carnival of the blocks and street bands began to grow again, officially entering the Guinness book.

Photo by Eloisa.

The Rio carnival can be considered a cultural event of high prestige, having been elected by Internet users from abroad site Fun Party as the best party in the world. He is quoted constantly as the most famous carnival there.

Photo by Eloisa.

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