The Bratslayer´s Cruel Hand Gives You Ink

The Bratslayer´s Cruel Hand Gives You Ink
October 28
08:00 2018

The Bratslayer´s Cruel Hand Gives You Ink

Here on the first day of the 40th years anniversary of Halloween we have selected
a totally insaniac artists who has expertised in the field of horror.
The details and shadings are top notch.

We are so happy to introduce you to Daniel Grimberg from Sweden.
Enjoy this little gallery by his hand.
And see more from Daniels work on Instagram.
See the link below the photo´s

We wish you all a happy Halloween.

 The Bratslayer

Daniel Grimberg work in the studio – Gothia Ink in Sweden.
He is also sponsored by Supply Division and IQ Tattoocare.

Visit Danile Grimberg here on Instagram:

The showstopper. Enjoy!

Daniel gives you a hand.

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  1. Bobby_landauer
    Bobby_landauer October 28, 09:53

    I like these tattoos.
    B&G with many inked details.
    Daniel Grimberg your the man !!!

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