The Beast; Danish Body Builder, Personal Trainer and Tattoo Collector

The Beast; Danish Body Builder, Personal Trainer and Tattoo Collector
May 05
13:57 2018

The Beast; All Muscles, Beard and Tattoos:

The Beast, or Jens Dalsgaard (read more) as the Danish body builder and, to say the least, tattoo enthusiast, is also known.

His illustrous nickname, is more than well deserved. Even without considering his tattoos, that cover all of his face and most of his body. The man’s appearance is truly beast-like. He might not be the tallest viking out there (5’10” in ft. and around 180 cm tall). But his humongous arms and chest more than make up for what he might lack in height.
He has truly embraced body building and embodying his to some (perhaps a lot) people frightening appearance.

Before the beard

But despite having been through jail, where he got some of his less favorable tattoos, like 666 across his chin. He has always had his main focus on body-building. He also got some of his less friendly tattoos from his more criminal past, covered up. He still has demons, skulls and tribals in his tattoos. But today he sports a massive beard along with his impressive tattoo collection and titan like physique.

Devoted to his Craft:

Today, Jens is fully committed to the fitness lifestyle. He is a personal trainer, with his own brand called  State of Mind, which is his own online coaching company. He works hard on his body, making sure he pushes himself ever further. He seems to be putting a past filled with violence behind him, through his love of fitness and tattoos.

He even featured on commercials for the shoe chain Bianco, in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Where his muscly and tattooed physique is on full display. He even tries to promote how people shouldn’t hate others, just because they look different. Which his stomach tattoo which spells “Hate Different” is an ironic reminder of.

He loves to give the finger to people, especially on social media, who fly’s of the hinges, whenever people don’t fit into the norm. Who get angry at others, for being different and behaving in different ways for the norm. Jens loves to provoke these people and tries to teach them a lesson. That difference is a good thing.

Final Comments:

It must be said about the Beast. That he is one guy, that truly shows that people can always change for the better. Now being a crusader for people that just want to be themselves, and not just fit into society’s norms. As well as a champion of good healthy living. He is a long way away from his violent and criminal past, and isn’t that awesome?
Always give people a second chance, and let people be themselves.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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