Five hunderd years ago Columbus discovered the Caribbean, today you are discovering. The Art of Nena Sanchez.

Nena Sanchez’s colorful paintings have a personality of their own. Born in Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean Island, she grew up surrounded by sunlight and the beautiful bright colors of the Caribbean blue skies and turquoise waters, which filled her with inspiration.

Wonderful tropical flowers, cottages, cactuses, banana and palm trees all served as living models for her paintings.
The beauty and sunlight she sees everyday have become her source of inspiration and have marked her love for the bright colors that are the base of a very personal creation and unique style, which has become her trademark.

Pictures: Jaguaren

Her paintings of Dutch Caribbean sceneries with fascinating bright colors in a figurative style, have a joyful personality of their own and are a delight to the eyes.She didn’t study under great masters, She learned painting instead as an autodidact, and taught herself the skills of painting by experimenting with acrylic on different materials such as wood, canvas and paper. Today her paintings are found in private collections in Europe, Curaçao, North and South America.

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