The Art of Coop: Devils’ Advocate

The Art of Coop: Devils’ Advocate
March 05
06:00 2016

The Art of Coop: Devils’ Advocate
Ok so before we begin pondering over this exquisite piece let me clear it right away…

This in no way is connected or inter related to the movie “the devil’s advocate” although it’s history and information might make it look like that but this is a hardcore tattoo thing, you see!!

Now in this article to begin with you are going to be hearing the name of Christopher Cooper quite a lot. And by a lot I seriously mean A LOT!!

Why, you ask?

Well this Cooper guy is the man behind ‘the art of Coop’. Cooper is known as Coop in many areas as it is his nickname. Coop is a hot rod artist from Los Angles and please don’t tell me that you have no idea about hot rod! Ok, so for those who are not familiar with the term, to make a long story short, hot rods are the classic old American cars with quite large engines in order specially modified for the sake of linear speed. Another name for a hot rod is a hot stick. So moving on Coop was born in 1968 in Tulsa which is a beautiful city in Oklahoma.


Private Photo:

Coop, our man, refers to himself as an Insensitive Artiste. Impressed from a 1950’s model Bettie Page, Coop’s work usually depicts soft pornographic content or some B-movie monsters. The female characters he creates are not only barely clothed but also take up the roles of some hot, devilish beauties. The image he is most famous for is not pornographic or a devil-woman instead it is a tad bit tame as it shows the red face of devil with a grin. The devil has a cigar clamped in its teeth. The image kind of has a real cool attitude, if you ask me. Coop has been trying real hard to subvert the mainstream via his classic imager from the last 20 years.

After getting loads of recognition, Cooper released his first book “Devilse Advocate” in the year 2001. The book shows clearly how Cooper has a penchant for some meaty and juicy larger ladies. Moreover, Cooper’s techniques with the ink and brush are just too awesome to be denied. Since he is soft with his pornographic art, his posters are naughty enough to give one a stir but not at all obscene. They depict the images of quite a lot gig poster scenes. We can even say that it is almost iconic. All in one, the book is worth what it takes. This book can make you feel naught just be holding it and not in a bad way, mind you.

You can look up at Coop on his twitter account @ArtofCoop. You can be sure it is him if the tagline of his twitter page says –“It happens sometimes-people just explode. Natural causes.” Remember to keep your eyes open, if you see some cool devil and voluptuous female or hotrod pictures because Coop just might be around with his art outrageous and naught as hell…



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    Calle Jönsson March 09, 18:39

    The master coop.
    The style is so perfect and very cartoonish.
    Would love to see much more here

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