The 9th International Nepal Tattoo Convention

The 9th International Nepal Tattoo Convention is an event that presents a
body of suspension originating from Spain.
This show is a show about tattoos that present extraordinary performances.
The show was attended by various tattoo lovers from Kathmandu, Nepal which lasted for 3 days, April 26, 2019, to April 28, 2019.
The audience was very interested in art and many tattoo fans around the world were present to witness the show.

Why Come to the 9th International Nepal Tattoo Convention?

This show is a very cool show and suitable for those of you who like the body art world.
You will find tattoo art lovers all over the world who come together. You can even excite and exchange information about your interests when you are here.
The exchange of knowledge about tattoo around the world is one of the interesting things in this International Nepal Tattoo Convention.

The Importance of 9th International Nepal Tattoo Convention

This performance is an art performance, so the purpose of this event is to promote that art is an important thing in the world.
Even this show also presents a variety of promotions for art, artists, collectors, and others so that they can exchange information and invite each other in each world.
Besides, the show is held at the end of April every year.
If you like art, the only one is tattoo art, you should come to this show the following year.

When did the International Nepal Tattoo Convention exist?

The 9th International Nepal Tattoo Convention emerged when tattoo art developed in society, but the convention’s
expansion in art was unclear.
This is what underlies the International Nepal Tattoo Convention Team has a desire to provide space for tattoo art
lovers to interact with one another.
Exchange knowledge about the world of tattoo art, so that it provides a space for them to be able to spread
information they like each other.

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Access the International Nepal Tattoo Convention Festival

When you want to visit this festival, you have to try very hard because the access to the International Nepal Tattoo Convention is very limited considering that a lot of tattoo lovers around the world will register at this event.