Tequila is a Mexican schnapps, which is made of the juice from blue agave. The pip (which looks like a giant pineapple) of the ripen agave, is steamed in the oven and squeezes. Now the sugary juice ferments and distils to tequila. Normally the alcohol percent is at 40-50 %.


There is different kinds of tequila:

100% agave (made on the plant, blue agave)

Mixto (at least 51% of the product is100% agave Tequila)

Mezcal (another kind of Tequila)

The different between Mezcal and Tequila:

Tequila is only made in Jalisco region and Mezcal is made in other regions in Mexico.


In Denmark Tequila are most known as Sierra Tequila (the bottle with the red sombrero). A lot of Scandinavian people knowledge about tequila is limited. Not many are aware that Tequila also is made in good quality as whisky and cognac. The prices do off cause follow.

‘Tequilarias’ are like bars and café’s, where you can find a big selection in tequila. Normally tequila is enjoyed in shots, with salt and lime, but is also used in different drinks and cocktails for an example Tequila Sunrice and Margarita.


In 16. Century, Tequila was made the first time, in the area of the city Tequila in Jalisco. Before that the Aztecs had made a similar drink of the agave plant.


When the Spain’s came in 1521, they made North America’s first distilled booze, after running out of their own schnapps. 80 years later – the mass production started.


Tequila Sunrise

4 cl Tequila

1 cl Grenadine

10cl Fresh Orange Juice


Pour Tequila and orange juice into a glass with ice and stir. Add carefully Grenadine along the brim.