Hey everyone, this is a fun little lighthearted blog post from me, this time.

Basically it came to me the other day, that tattoos and music have a lot of similarities.
Especially when it comes to how each art-form develops over time.
For example, each art-form can start out with a few specific genres.
But then because of new innovations, both technologically and (especially) from the artists;
The genres develop into new sub-genres, which can again develop further into new genres.

Both art-forms are constantly developing and transforming, always changing into new
versions of themselves and improving on the old at the same time.
And while not everyone of course likes all the changes that occur, and the new genres
that spring into existence, I still think it is part of what makes both art-forms so exciting.
How they are constantly in development and how there is something for everyone.
Because not only do the artists shape the individual art-forms and genres with their
innovations but, especially when it comes to tattoos, so do the fans.

It is the combinations of the imagination and innovation of the artist, as well as the same
from the fan/client, which makes the new genres come to life and truly become popular.
Without nerds and geeks, who are into tattoos. I doubt that my personal favorite genre,
of cartoony new-school tattoos, would have become as popular and diverse, as it is.

No matter what genre you are into when it comes to tattoos, I believe we all have a
lot to look forward to in the future, as new artists and fans keep developing and
transforming our awesome art-form of inked up skin.

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet blog post.
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Stay awesome people!