So this post will be short and sweet, unlike my last one I know.
But as I was sitting down recently, reading up for a talk I will be giving
On tattoos in Chester, in northern England, in a few weeks time
(after 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg).
I stumbled on what might possibly, be my new favourite quote,
regarding (the sociology of) tattoos.
“If we view the culture of tattoos, as if it is a language,
Speaking the language, or in this case getting tattoos.
Is not in itself what makes it unique or individual.
It is the possibilities for expression within the language,
that gives people the opportunity to be unique”
(Paraphrased from a report from Vidensråd for Forebyggelse;
Called Tattoos – Health, Risk and Culture).

First of all, I couldn’t agree any more than I do with this quote,
As I have heard a lot of my fellow tattooed people say it, and artists
I have met and interviewed through the years as well.
That if you want to be unique, don’t get a tattoo.
And I get it, the edge of merely having a tattoo is lost, but tattoos
are still special if we make them special.
The possibility for making it something unique and personal,
Is still there, if you reflect personally on your tattoos and what
you want done.

Indeed as I see it, building on the metaphor of the culture being
a language, it is a language of love.
Not literally, but when I think about it, tattoos proclaim so much
about things we like or things we live by and believe in.
It can be a fandom you are into, it can be a certain life code or
lifestyle you live by, it can be family and/or friends, or a thing
from your past you don’t want to forget.
But as long as the idea comes from you, even if it is just an
awesome piece of art you got done by a cool tattoo artist,
It is still speaking a language of love, for that tattoo and that
artist’s art.

I as always thank you for reading my post, and I hope you
enjoyed this much more friendlier post this time around 😉

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