Tattoos and I never got along. Whenever I saw my friends getting themselves inked, I disagreed with every element of their interest; gave those stances no one of them thought and then one day this urge in me drove myself to the center for getting myself etched with the ink. Now that was new.

I still sort of can’t trust I got a tattoo you all!

For quite a long time I’ve respected wrist tattoos yet I was constantly apprehensive that they would hurt—I’m somewhat of a weenie about agony. Truth be told, it’s the reason I wear such a variety of arm ornaments to my left side wrist. The wristbands spoke to the words or expressions I’d need to get tattooed however didn’t have the mettle to.

Be that as it may, in the event that I got a tattoo I used to state, I would get something significant in light of the fact that it endures forever. Possibly I would get one for my children, or my better half or my grandparents. I assumed that on the off chance that I got one it should have been something that other individuals would get it. Be that as it may, I was never going to get one, so it didn’t make a difference. I was never going to get a tattoo since I wasn’t that sort of individual. Other individuals get tattoos. Be that as it may, me? Mother of three children? Author of cookbooks? Southern lady, with enormous hair?? No chance.

Folks, I know it’s senseless. Every one of you who as of now have tattoos resemble, what are you discussing weirdo? A tattoo doesn’t characterize the individual who wears it! I get that now, yet for the majority of my grown-up life I’ve truly thought, this is the kind of person I am, I may change or develop in unpretentious ways yet rolling out an improvement that is so unusual would adjust me totally.

At that point I had a touch of an epiphany: I get the opportunity to choose my identity. Each and every day I’m alive, or you’re alive, we’re picking this life and this persona. We be the homemaker who adores preparing and Pilates. We be a trendy person who cherishes bistros and craftsman merchandise. We be a legal advisor who runs marathons and just eats natural. Each and every piece of our persona, regardless of to what extent we’ve shaken it, is a decision we make each day. This was a MASSIVE eye opener for me. Also, as odd as it sounds, when I understood this and it hit me directly between the eyes, the primary thought I had was, I’m getting a wrist tattoo!

So then the question progressed toward becoming… what am I going to get? Probably not something of the choice I would regret forever, but something that goes with my soul so that it would not be burden for me to carry till my last day. As it may sound old school, that is exactly what I believe