Tattooing the Privates; The Ancient Women of Fiji:

Tattooing the privates, even today it is very rare to meet anyone, who has dared to ink it up down there.
It is, we think many would agree, the most extreme place to tattoo. But for the women of ancient Fiji, this was one of the main places they tattooed. Even from a young age, women of the tribes of Fiji, were encouraged to tattoo their nether regions. It is of course all, because of both spiritual and cultural reasons.

The young women were told, that tattooing their vulva, inner thighs and their buttocks, would give their future husband great pleasure. Thus a culture was built up around these tattoos, as being symbols of great beauty and something to be desired sexually. But another significance, lie in the religious beliefs of the Ancient Fijians.
They believed that to be treated well after death, a woman had to be tattooed.

Within their religious beliefs, the body plays a big part. Preserving it in the best state possible, before dying, is paramount to their culture. Thus tattooing was very important to achieve, before death. But this believe went so far, that dying of natural causes was a rare occasion. Most children would kill their parents, when they became old, so as to preserve their bodies in the best state possible, for their life after death.

Final Comment:

Tattooing the privates, to think that to an ancient culture, it was the most beautiful thing ever. Just like it probably is to some people today. Religious or not, this form of tattooing can be very sensual and often carries quite the significance for the wearer. Whether it is today or in ancient Fiji, tattooing sure can help the view.

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