Tattooing in the Online Age:

Tattooing in the Online Age:
November 12
20:13 2017

Tattooing in the Online Age; The Rise of the Tablet:

This blog post will be short and sweet. I know that I am definitely not the only one, who has noticed what the internet, has done for tattooing. In my own opinion, it has done so many wonderful things for the industry.
Artists are able to share ideas and support each other, with much greater ease and to a much larger extent than ever before. People can find advice and inspiration for everything, regarding tattoos. And people can go and enjoy awesome sites like 😉

But it is also interesting and a little bit funny, how the internet changed how the tattoo artists do their work.
Back in the day, the most important thing to a tattoo artist, would be their tattooing equipment, as well as pen and paper. That is what they needed to create detailed and extensive tattoos, but after the internet came, things have changed rapidly.

Today, especially when it comes to the younger tattoo artists. Their best friend is often their tablet, mobile phone or indeed both. It is where they interact with clients and fans, it is where they find inspiration, they share their work through social media and they even use the tablets, for drawing up their custom tattoo designs.

The Age of Creativity:

I know it goes without saying, that the age of modern tattooing is also the age of creativity. But personally, I think that it is remarkable and quite inspiring, how much modern tattoo artists, have embraced the internet. Despite how it may have changed the practice of tattooing, it is remarkable how positively tattoo artists have used it, as well as acclimated their work to it. As a tattoo sociologist, I believe that their will most likely, continue to be more pro’s than con’s to how much the internet affects tattooing.

But I will say, that it is important as many of the old timers out their will also tell the younger guys, that tattoo artists hone their skills without electronic devices too. So that they still know how to draw up a custom piece freehand, and so that they don’t get perhaps, too dependant on electronic devices. But i have faith that we will see plenty of artists, who are capable of finding a good balance.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, stay awesome people !

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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