Tattoo Tour Guide; A Helping Hand For Visitors to Japan:

Tattoo tour guide, that is the newest ingenious step that some people have taken, in the very tattoo turbulent Japan.
As many of our readers may already know, Japan has a strained relationship with tattoos. A relationship which is constantly being tested. Both by some Japanese themselves, who want to be tattooed. But indeed also by tourists from the west, who often have many tattoos.

Often it can be a hassle, because of the taboo surrounding tattoos in Japan, to visit the country if you are tattooed. Many places, like hot-springs, restaurants and more, won’t let you in with even a small tattoo. Some people have seen the problem tourism in Japan faces because of this prejudice and hatred. So they had the genius idea of helping people find the tattoo friendly locations around Japan. They even made both an English and Japanese guide.

Tattoo friendly as the website is awesomely named. Shows you everything from hotels, to restaurants and hot-springs etc. who are tattoo friendly. It is even all over Japan, not just Tokyo or Kyoto. They want to help tourists and even Japanese, so they don’t run their heads against a wall of hatred, when trying to enjoy Japan.

Final Comment:

The main focus of this tattoo tour guide, is definitely helping tourists. As they state on their website even:

In recent years, the number of tourists has been increasing while at the same time, the more and more popular question “Do you know of any onsen that will allow tattooed guests to enter?” is being asked. For this purpose, this site has been created to answer those questions.

They even go as far on their website as trying to, in a simple way, explain both why some places refuse tattooed people but also why others accept them. It is indeed a wonderful project, hopefully one that will pave the way for a more enlightened Japan (for a more detailed review of the websites functions).

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