Tattoo Street Style; Wonderful Book by Alice Snape:

Tattoo Street Style, is a new cool book by Alice Snape. The book was recently published, just last month on April 19th. The book is all about showing off the variety of styles, from different collectors and aficionados. We have seem similar works before, we have even talked about similar books on this page.

What sets this book apart from the rest however, is the scope of it. Alice has truly gone well beyond what one has come to expect from this sort of tattoo project. She has gone everywhere; London, Brighton, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, LA, Melbourne, in order to find her subjects for her book. Not only has she found people from so many different and very colorful places. She has also made sure to find as many different styles among these individuals as possible.


She seems intend to showing off both variety in tattoo street styles, in all these places. But also what styles you are likely to find, among tattooed people in the given places. Regardless whether you want to look at the book, for the street styles or just want to see the cool tattoos. The pictures are awesome, the people are gorgeous and cool and the pictures and fantastic.

Final Comment:

Tatttoo Street Styles, seems to be quite the cool book for tattoo fans out there. Whether you are looking for inspiration, want to satisfy your curiousity about tattoo styles across these cool places, or just want to see what cool tattoos people have etc. This book seems to be able to satisfy your needs. If you want to buy it, it isn’t even too expensive at a mere 20£ this cool book seems like a steal.

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