Tattoo Roulette; Do You Dare?

Tattoo Roulette; Do You Dare?
June 18
15:11 2018

Tattoo Roulette; Not For Thinking Before You Ink:

Tattoo Roulette, it is an interesting trend that is getting popular in the tattoo community. The concept is quite simple, you place down a fixed payment, and then you draw your tattoo out of a machine. In many cases it is big gumball machines, wherein are plastic balls with tattoo designs inside them. It is definitely not something for the faint of heart to do.

The designs put into the machine are in many cases quite simple, quick to do designs, that may fit the down payment. But in some cases, more elaborate designs are put into the mix. This gives the roulette more of a gambling feel to do. Like playing the lottery, you might hit it big time and walk home with a really awesome tattoo. Or you might strike out and walk home with something not as cool.

It has to be said, that though the money are not refundable for playing these tattoo roulette’s, there is no one forcing you to get the design you draw. So if you truly hate the design, you don’t have to get it, but tough luck with the money, but you knew the rules going in. However, it does seem like quite the fun and interesting thing, for some tattoo artists to do. It certainly seems to be hitting home with clientele in most cases.

Final Comment:

Tattoo roulette, it is indeed as mentioned above, a fun and exciting way to get a new tattoo. But perhaps you shouldn’t get your first tattoo this way, dip your toe in the water with something planned perhaps? But in the end that is up to you. We get how some people like the fun, humour and excitement, of getting a random tattoo from a cool artist in this way. We bet they are a great treat at tattoo conventions! so the question is, would you dare?

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