Tattoo Pain; Laughing About Others Pain:

Now we all know tattoo pain is real. Pain is part of getting tattooed, there are no ways around it. Though some may come to enjoy the pain with time, others work through it because it leads to something awesome. Others again, never get over it ever and hates the actual tattooing part of the process. We don’t usually laugh at people for their pain. We may tease our friends, if they can’t handle it with small tattoos or whatever.

But some people, especially with their first tattoos, have become internet sensations because of their reactions. Now we aren’t saying it is okay to laugh at people going through pain. But we can’t help but feel a little schaden freude at some of these clips. Like this woman below.

How painful was your 1st tattoo?

Publiée par Tattoo Lovers sur Vendredi 17 juin 2016

You can’t really be blamed for laughing, when someone has such a pained reactions and audible too, when getting tattooed. We can’t help but commend them for wanting a tattoo so bad, that they would try to endure such pain. But perhaps some of these people should have thought about getting a transfer tattoo or something out of henna instead.

Final Comment:

All we can say now is Tattoo Pain is part of it. So if you want to and you are brave enough, let us know what your most painful tattoo was and how it made you react? or perhaps you know someone else that had a particularly funny reaction to being tattooed, doesn’t have to be pain. Let us know in the comments.

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