Tattoo Forensics; CSI INKED:

Tattoo forensics, some of you guys might already have connected the dots, true detective style. Perhaps some of you have seen the odd episode of a crime show, where arresting officers or PI’s etc., talked about finding er perp, through recognizing his tattoos. For others of you guys, it might never have occurred to you.

But according to some researchers (Byard, 2013, Forensic. Sci. Med. Pathol, Vol. 9), the rising popularity of tattoos, has led to some new considerations within the actual field of forensics, in real life. Mainly that many among both victims and perpetrators, are today tattooed.

This means a lot especially when it comes to crime autopsies. Sometimes tattoos can even be used to recognize deceased individuals. When even the face and teeth are unusable. It is not in many cases where this become relevant. But it has been used from time to time.

The Social Aspect:

Another area where tattoo forensics, proves to be quite useful. Is that sometimes tattoos can tell you a lot about either a victim or a perpetrator. You might find a gang tattoo, which will tell you something about the perpetrator. Or you might find a very unique/individual tattoo on a victim’s body, perhaps a tattoo of a boxer, which will tell you that they loved boxing.

The tattoo might even have names of loved ones, a sports team they loved or were a part on etc. So through recognizing certain things through tattoos. Either social belongings, through gang sign or army tattoos. Or even their personal interests, through a star wars or basketball tattoo.

But drawback has to be taken into consideratio, the uniqueness of some tattoos. The more personal and unique a tattoo is, the less one may be able to correctly deduce, as you might not know the exact reasoning the victim had behind the ink.

Final Comment:

Even with the few critical drawbacks, tattoo forensics seem to be something quite interesting and useful. It will be very interesting if scientists start looking more into it. But this also means, that you should think even more before you ink. Because your ink may say something about you, even after death.

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