Tattoo designs with OWLS

Tattoo designs with OWLS
October 18
08:00 2015

Tattoo designs with OWLS

Owl is an animal which symbolizes a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. It also means status, intelligence, and wealth. Owl is very sacred to the Greek Goddess of learning. In the ancient period, it meant to be revolving around the guardianship of the underworlds and a protection of the deed. During that period, owl was honored as keeper of spirit. Owl’s symbolic meaning connects in good way to fascinating creatures. It is creatures of the night. The night –time have specific philosophical meaning. Owl is a symbol of pure energy and they came from a place of wholeness.

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  1. Jan
    Jan November 06, 17:59

    Want one..!

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  2. jackthemann
    jackthemann October 21, 13:55

    Love designs with owls! 🙂

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