Tattoo designs with CLOWNS

Tattoo designs with CLOWNS
October 21
08:00 2015


Clown symbolizes absurdity, light-heartedness, and childish behavior. The clown is a reflection of one’s own thoughts and emotions. The happy clown represents the joyful feelings and the sad clown represents the sad feeling about one’s.

Clown demonstrates a particular characteristic that signifies his/her internal nature. It may so happen that, a clown may indicate thoughtlessness and counter action. Some people have clown phobia which may bring fear to one’s life. The person you met or know may not be appeared as the same or pretend as a person they are not or are hiding themselves under a façade.

Photo: Crazy Clown by Carverink

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  1. sandra
    sandra November 07, 12:49

    Love clowns

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  2. muddialser
    muddialser October 21, 13:50

    NeXT week i will get a evil clown 🙂

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