Tattoo Conflict Japan; Heating Up Every Month:

The Tattoo Conflict in Japan, is getting more and more prominent and heated by the month. Many would argue the conflict really reignited, despite changing public attitudes towards tattoos. When police raided and prosecuted Taiki Matsuda’s tattoo studio in 2015, a court case which Taiki is still fighting through, for the sake of tattooing in Japan (read more).

But some politicians are starting to wake up and showing concerns, with Japan’s adverse opinion to tattoos. Namely because of pressure from the surrounding world. It may sound like other countries are directly trying to tell Japan to stop discriminating tattooed people. That is actually not the case, but there is an interesting event, which is building pressure on Japan.

Japan is set to host the Olympics in 2020, the biggest sporting event in the world. Problem is, that Japan’s views on tattoos will conflict with most of the foreign athletes. Since most athletes especially in western countries, are tattooed. There is even the tradition of Olympians getting tattooed during the event.

Final Comment:

It will be interesting to see where the tattoo conflict in Japan will be heading in the future. But it seems that the Olympics have many of the less conservative experts and politicians, calling for less discrimination towards tattooed people in Japan. It seems that sports might prove to be the advocate, for a more modern viewpoint in Japan.

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