Yang Zhuo, the tattoo artist describes himself as someone who loves freedom. Freedom is something Zhuo needs to experience true art and happiness. He chose tattoo as a medium for expressing himself, and this is what makes him feel alive and joyful. Self-expression and experiencing life in a way that is closer to one’s soul has been a common theme with artists, whether they are painters, musicians, writers or tattoo artist. Yang Zhuo is also one of those artists.

Zhuo enjoys a dynamic life and his tattoo art also reflects the vibrancy of his artistic mind. He doesn’t like a static life – his love for staying on the move can be seen by the fact that he travels a lot. His artistic journey is not an inner one, he has been travelling throughout the world to attend various events and exhibitions related to tattooing. He has been attending tattooing conventions with a pseudonym ‘YZ Tattoo’. They say that travelling is good for developing imagination and creative tendencies – Zhuo has for sure received the fruits of his wanderlust. Travelling and attending tattooing events all over the world has enabled Zhuo to expand his artistic horizon and learn from the artists across the world. He doesn’t limit himself to his own shop, but keeps working with other tattoo outlets as a guest tattoo artist. His style is also multidimensional due to the influences from the art from different parts of the world.

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Private Photo From Yang Zhuo:

Yang Zhuo started off his tattooing journey from his hometown in Beijing, where he opened his tattoo studio with the name ‘YZ Tattoo Studio’. In his studio, he worked with several junior tattoo artists, who carried the same ambitions and dreams as he did.

Yang Zhuo’s travelling never ceases and he can be seen in tattoo conventions and workshops, doing his usual artistic magic. If you are lucky, you might someday bump into this fabulous tattoo artist in some tattoo shop or convention. Zhuo’s usual tattooing styles are traditional Japanese, body suit, and color. He can also be seen experimenting with various tattoo styles other than the one he normally pursues. Zhuo has spent some time in art college but was never quite into formal education – he wishes he were though. Still, his art is in no way amateurish or unsatisfactory.

Tattooing did help Zhuo find the love of his life, since his wife is someone who had been his customer in past.

Zhuo often uses vibrant and loud colors – you’ll see lots of greens and reds in his tattoos. His Japanese roots are also evident from his art. Yang Zhuo is also a master of portraits – you can see some amazing portraits in his tattoo art. Zhuo’s work does not only attract those who are into vibrant colors, or some impressive gothic art; he also excels in black and grey art. Black and grey tattoos are in fact, quite prominent and recurring in his works, and are truly remarkable. So, in many ways this talented tattoo master keeps enticing the tattoo lovers all around the world.