Rie Clemmensen





14. May, 1992.




I’m not that fancy.


Søhus Tattoo, Odense.




Style: Realism.

Technique: Soft Shading.

 Years of experience: 3+

CV: Søhus Tattoo.

Started as apprentice with Morten Mohr Jørgensen, the owner of Søhus Tattoo.

Why did you become a tattoo artist?

I loved to draw and I wanted to go on with it. The idea about tattooing was very interesting for me, as you perform permanent art at human bodies and that your art will mark the people you tattoo for the rest of their live. Additionally, I was very attracted to this profession– because the vocation did, that I had a lot of freedom.

I was contacted by Morten Mohr Jørgensen, who had seen my drawings and asked if I was interested to come by and talk about a possible/potential apprenticeship.

Taste in music:

Christmas music, metal, classics of the 90’s – otherwise all-round music – except monotonous techno.


Raisins in buns when you think it is chocolate.

Vapid and monotonous music

Owners of apartments who don’t accept dogs


Beer sausages

Making old-fashioned Danish food

The Harry Potter books and fantasy generally

A good serial / movie for an example: ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’.

A good game for an example: Skyrim

Patrick Rosenfeldt

Favourite food:

‘’Flødekartofler’’ aka Scalloped potatoes

Beer sausages

Other creative abilities:

Christmas decorations, writing and painting, cooking.

Role models:

My mommy, daddy, granny and grandpa and on a 5. place Bob Tyrell.


If you should choose a favourite tattoo on your body, which should it be?

The swan on my thigh, because I believe in at partner for life (a swan, is one of the few animals who finds a partner for life) Beside this, the swan is the Danish national bird.



Tallihooo! – Rie Clemmensen