Gunnar Valdimarsson


Nationality: Iceland

Born: 1985         

Nickname: Gunnar V

Shop: Electric Linda       


Styles: I don’t really specialize in a specific style but I do love to replicate real life images. Portraits and realistic animal tattoos have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I love both black and grey and color work. I am lucky to be asked for both equally because I love to have diverse days at the studio. What I also love about my job is how diverse my clients are. One day I might have a 180kg body builder in my chair talking about food supplements and the next day a woman talking about her job as a police officer.

I have only bin in this business a short while and can probably be considered a rookie. But I look forward to all the years I will spend in this business and eventually become a master of my craft. That is what drives me to do better everyday and learning new things.

How many years experience do you have? 4 years    


The Icelandic Tattoo Corp.

Electric Linda

In the beginning I studied on my own. So mostly I am self-taught but have sought advice and inspiration from many artists such as Dmitiriy Samohin, Jon Pall and many others. I am lucky enough that Samohin is working on my sleeve and I have learned a lot from him and have adapted my style to his techniques. I have been working for Electric Linda as a guest artist since 2012 and full time since May 2014 and learned a lot from her as well. Jon Pall is my former boss from Iceland. A true legend in Iceland, now living in Spain.


Why did you become a tattoo artist?

I was born in Iceland in 1985. I lived there until I moved to the U.S. in 2007 to study Audio Engineering. I started hanging out after school at a local tattoo studio called Ascension tattoo. I became very fascinated with the craft. After I finished school I moved back to Iceland in 2009 to pursue a career in Audio Engineering but tattooing was always on my mind. Then in april 2011 I decided to give tattooing all my time, which it clearly deserves, and quit my job as a Audio Engineer/Graphic designer. The guys at The Icelandic Tattoo corp, a local tattoo shop in Reykjavik, where so kind to let me be a part of their team that same year.

Over and out

– Gunnar V


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