Tadashi Trung – All the way from Vietnam

Tadashi Trung – All the way from Vietnam
November 05
08:00 2015

Tadashi Trung – All the way from Vietnam
Coming from the city – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, làm nô lệ.

Tadashi Tadashi with his artist nick name Trung Tran. 9 years ago , after graduating from the University of Fine Arts HCMC, He had a period of 5 years living in Japan, where he trained and cultivated their skills on tattoo Asian art. Tadashi then accessed to tattoo art in June 2007. Since then his work and life turned out to be something his customers really appreciate.

For the first time ever, Tadashi visited Europe, more exactly Denmark and The Nordic Ink Festival in Frederikshavn.
He worked very hard all 3 days and actually he did a full back piece in 2 session over 16 hours of intense work.

Full backpiece made in Nordic Ink Festival in Denmark

Award winning artist


Tadashi won a second price in the categorie,  The Best Tattoo of The Day – Sunday.
It was a strong field of artwork in this categorie so the second place was a really great achivement.
Mediazink hope to see more of the Vietnamese master tattooer in the future.
Below we have a little selection of Tadashi´s artwork.

8 hinh-xam-hoa-anh-dao

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  1. Trung Tadashi
    Trung Tadashi June 09, 16:32

    Thank’s All

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  2. December 03, 14:14

    Đẹp wa chơi lun

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  3. Maddie
    Maddie November 18, 02:07

    Very unique and interesting work! I love it.

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  4. Dawn
    Dawn November 18, 00:05

    Woah… that back piece is AMAZING!! I am in love with the Asian inspiration in these tattoos. The cherry blossom back pieces are so stunning and classy. And the koi design on the forearm is so exquisite – but I wonder, is it finished? The splash of colour it has now is certainly artistic, but I think it would pop so much more if it was completely filled in.

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  5. Fantek
    Fantek November 07, 20:15


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  6. Zjula Domanoviv
    Zjula Domanoviv November 07, 12:02

    Waoo. Super article

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  7. Smirgla
    Smirgla November 06, 20:12

    Greetings from vrnjci spa! 😀

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  8. Jan
    Jan November 06, 17:47

    Love sakura tatoos <3

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  9. Jan
    Jan November 06, 17:39

    Sakura tatoo <3 awsome!

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  10. Jan husarik
    Jan husarik November 06, 17:33

    Sakura tatoo <3

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  11. Jan
    Jan November 06, 17:29

    Awsome… !

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