Sweden Did It; First to Recognize Tattooing as a Proper Trade:

Sweden did it (news article, in Swedish sorry), they actually did. Last week on the 17th of August 2018, Sweden moved ahead of all other countries when it comes to the acceptance of tattoos. They have become the first country in the entire world, to legally recognize tattooing as a craft/trade. Just like any other craft/trade is, like hairdressers, bakers, carpenters and more.
Finally fair recognition is given where it is due.

Sweden made it possible in April, for tattooers with some experience, to be able to apply for diplomas/certificates, of their craftsmanship. This already sought to legitimize tattooing more and make it easier for clients to figure out, what artists were safe and good. But now they have taken it a step further. This is truly an amazing and important move, in the world of tattooing and in the culture of the world in general.

This means that no longer in Sweden, will it just be the tattoo artists with a lot of experience, that can apply to get the diploma/certificate. Any artist will be able to take a basic skill test, showing that they know the very basics of tattooing, as well as the hygiene and so on, that is required. This will go a long way, to creating a more serious trade, out of tattooing. A trade that the rest of Sweden can also take more serious then.

Final Comment:

That Sweden did it first, before anyone else did it. It is all thanks to their tattoo artist union, registered tattoo artists of Sweden (SRT). They campaigned and negotiated for this and they made it happen. It will be exciting to see what this will bring in the future. But also how the rest of the world may react.

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