Swamon Tattoo; Lover of dotwork and blackwork:

Swamon Tattoo started out years ago in his early days of tattooing, doing dotwork and blackwork already. This was way before it was too popular, yes he stuck with it and perfected his skills at the two styles. However, he also worked hard and developed great skills with doing traditional style tattoos. When dotwork tattoos got much more popular, Swamon changed things up. He began almost only doing black and dotwork tattoos, which are his favourite styles, utilizing their growing popularity.

More than anything he loves tattooing animals motives, especially when he gets free hands to create what he wants. Mixing in mandala style tattooing and making it his own. Swamon is also very skilled at doing palm tattoos, a feat which can be very difficult. However, his favourite body part to tattoo, is the forearm or the leg. Those two areas have easy skin to work with, as well as nice size. They are also not that painful for the client, making the whole process easier. Pain and difficulty for the client, are indeed two of the main reasons, why Swamon hates tattooing ribs and the side of the neck.
However you are in good hands, if you want an animal motive done by this dotwork genious, no matter where you want it on your body.

Swamon at the 50 Shades of Ink Sweden Tattoo Expo 2017:

It was Swamon’s first time at the convention, where he had a slow start with some cancellations on the first day.
However he did manage to keep himself occupied with some drop-in sessions, and business picked up the following days. He did indeed enjoy the convention, especially loving its small size, yet great and friendly atmosphere.
Swamon plans to come back next year, for the 5th anniversary of 50 Shades of ink Sweden. He would even like to attend the Copenhagen version, however he might not be able to this year.
He heard about Mediazink through friends and Facebook, and he is thrilled to be featured by us.

Gallery of Swamon Tattoo at 50 Shades of Ink:

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