Superflex; Art That Questions Society:

Superflex is a Danish artist group who certainly wants their photo art to be much more than just nice scenery.
This is art that speaks loud and clear with a very loud message “Something is wrong with the world”. Their photo art projects are absolutely incredible. Their main targets seems to be the establishments, mainstream culture and consumerism.

They don’t just limit themselves to photoart however and do much more. But it is all with the same sociological message. Picking apart the things within society, that some people just take at face value. Challenging the norms and values of society and how people look at it.


One of their most famous art projects, was flooding a MacDonalds restaurant. Going after one of their favorite types of targets, marketing and branding from large companies. In this video art piece, a MacDonalds restaurant is flooded with water. Seeing MacDonalds as the biggest symbol of over-consumerism, they then flood it, in order to let the restaurants experience the effect of over consumption, flooding all over the world.

Final Comment:

Superflex manages to pull the mask back from modern society through their art. No matter what form of art of their’s we are talking about. It is all about challenging the status quo and showing the world for what it has become. This is the kind of art we both deserve and need.

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