Super Bowl 2018; Congrats Eagles:

Super Bowl 2018 was a year of history. Especially for Philadelphia and their fans, watching their beloved Eagles winning the superbowl, beating the raining champions and making history. From celebrities, such as Kevin Hart, to the ordinary fans. Tears have been shed and the tensions have been high. But the Eagles pulled through and won the Superbowl

We here at MediaZink would love to congratulate them on their victory, before we go into our fun little article. Well done Eagles, enjoy your victory!

Eagles; The Champs and Their Ink:

We thought it would be funny, since the world of sports has always been full of lots of tattoos. Especially in contact sports such as American Football. That we would pick our favorite tattooed athletes, on the winning team. Our own way of throwing some extra glory at them this week.

  1. Chris Long; Coach’s Face Tattooed on Body: Our first pick has to go to Chris Long. The teams defensive end player, who already has a fair few tattoos, will soon be adding another to his collection. Becuase of a bet he made with is linebacker coach, he now has to get the coach’s face tattooed on his body because they won. Shame on you for betting against your team Chris, but good sport if you go through with it!

  2. Jalen Mills; Awesome Black and Grey Work: Our Second pick goes to the teams cornerback Jalen Mills, for his awesome black and grey tattoos, that are proudly on display, especially his chest-piece is quite a well done tattoo, especially compared to what we often see on some athletes. Congrats on the Super Bowl Win Jalen.
  3. Rodney McLeod; Our Last WInner: The Eagles Safety can celebrate safely and show off his strong arms off the field for a while, after winning this years super bowl with his team. Perhaps he migth even add some ink to those already awesome black and grey sleeves of his, you never know, we will have to wait and see.

Final Comment:

No matter whether an athlete is tattooed or not, it is quite the feat to achieve with your team, Winning the NFL Super Bowl Championship. We once again congratulate the Eagles, both the tattooed players and those without. Hopefully they are partying all of this week away, enjoying time with their family and loved ones, enjoying their superbowl win a bit.

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