Sunscreen and Tattoos; It is Essential:

Sunscreen and indeed sun protection, is a highly debated topic within the tattoo community. Many people simply do not care about protecting their tattoos from the sun. A fact which both scientists and experts in the industry, are lamenting quite a bit. It is absolutely essential for the upkeep and aftercare of a tattoo that it is protected from the sun.

Many are aware that a tattoo should not get any sun if possible, for the first few weeks after it has been made. But far too many ignore the fact, that it does not stop there. The ink in your skin will still take damage from the sun, even after the tattoo is healed. Indeed, certain sun damage, can even lead to some rather unpleasant reactions. Such as rashes or even infections, caused through too much sun exposure.

But the biggest problem with getting too much sun on your ink, is simply the fact that it damages the inks integrity and thus the look of the tattoo. No matter what you may think, your tattoo will fade substantially, with too much unprotected exposure to the sun. Because of this, sunscreen is essential for tattoos, no matter your skin type.

Suncreen and Tattoos; Know When to Use It:

There is another complication when it comes to sun protection and tattoos. The fact that you can’t apply sunscreen before the tattoo is healed. You need to wait till all the scabbing is over and the skin is healed up, before you can begin to apply any form of sun protection to it, other than wearing clothes over it.

The tattoo can’t handle the chemicals in sunscreen to start with. Actually, it is rather the open wound you have and the ink itself while not fully protected by the skin, that can’t handle it. Thus your best bet while your tattoo is still healing, is to avoid sunscreen and avoid getting it out in the sun as much as possible.

If you want some more information, you should check out these awesome articles that explains it in further detail, or google some of the amazing research done on the topic these days.

Final Comment:

We hope people, especially on the northern hemisphere where the sun is roasting us as it is currently summer here, will listen to our advice. We are just trying to help you guys, get more enjoyment out of your ink, by keeping it fresh and beautiful.

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