Summer Tips; Some Do’s and Don’ts for the Summer Heat:

MediaZink would love to provide our readers with some summer tips. We do realize that for our fans on the southern hemisphere, the summer is slowly ending. But here on the northern half of the globe, we are really starting to feel the heat. Since there is no better season to flash your cool collection of ink, and it is tattoo season all year round.

Because of this, we want to give our fans some advice, so that they can keep their ink looking sharp. Without the sun taking it’s toll on it. Do keep in mind, that this is just advice, you do not have to follow it. People can treat their tattoos however they prefer, we just want to help, with you want the colors less faded.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Feel free to flash that cool new tattoo out in the sun, after all when would be a better time for it right?
    But do keep in mind that the sun’s rays are not healthy for the ink in your tattoo. Going out in the sun without any protection, will however put your tattoo at risk of fading, as well as getting sun rashes, and other sun related damage and complications.

    Of course this will vary from person to person and with skin type. But most dermatologists and tattoo experts, would recommend that you use a sunscreen fit for your skin type. To protect both your skin and tattoos. Do get a waterproof one, if you want to go swimming.

  2. Careful with new tattoos; Do go and get a new tattoo, there is no such thing as a time of year, where you shouldn’t. But keep in mind, no matter what time of the year. For the first few weeks, your tattoo will not like you putting sunscreen on it and it won’t like sunlight either. So do keep your tattoo covered for the first 2-3 weeks at least, if you want the best healing result.
  3. If you can, and your skin is not too sensitive, we recommend buying a tattoo aftercare cream, with sunscreen components in the cream. There are several out there, for example iQTattoocare. The people behind the products know their stuff, so this is a safe way to treat your tattoo and keep it safe.

    However if your skin is really sensitive, best keep that new tattoo covered up to be safe.

Final Comment:

These are just some quick easy summer tips, from us at MediaZink to you guys. It is all in good fun and with the best intentions in mind. We know everyone has their own experiences with tattoos, in all types of weather. But we just want to give especially people that might not know yet, a chance to keep their tattoos looking fresh and awesome.

Go enjoy the summer heat and the lovely weather in the coming months. For more awesome articles and great reviews etc.. Please don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.