Stylewise: Realism/Realistic

Stylewise: Realism/Realistic
June 25
07:47 2015

Realism / realistic is a style that tries to recreate and show images as they would appear in real life.  Many artists love to work this style and they normally use stencil techniques to make sure they have the right position before start working

Your friend shows you his tattoo of her child, but it looks just like a fucking Gremlin! As the word “realism” reveals, it´s a style that really requires a lot of the tattoo artist, as it should recreate images as they would appear in real life. Realism typically lacks the bold outlines found in more traditional forms of tattooing, and instead uses shading and color contrasts to render the image.

Portraiture is a style typically done in realism. It could be anything from a family member, a pet, or your favorite rockstar. Realism portraits is usually found in color, or black and grey, and are created by making a stencil over a pre-existing photograph or image in order to get an exact likeness of the image to be inked.
Here is a selection of portraits created in color and black and white.

den-yakovlev_18_547_742 artist--Silvano_Fiato--Arm--Portraits_tattoo11349803871

Denmark is blessed with a big range of realism artists.
The list is long, but to highlight a few of the top artists, look here:
Mini, Niels Hamann, Melissa Hamann, Sabine Saurus, Sonny Axbom.
We show you here below the artwork created by Mini from All Ink Tattoo.

Mini02 Mini 01
Here is 2 pictures of clowns made by the danish artist, Mini from All Ink Tattoo.
An upcoming artits review and photogallery from Mini is coming very soon on Mediazink.


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