Stockholm Ink Bash 2017; 21st Edition and Still Going Strong!

Stockholm Ink Bash 2017; 21st Edition and Still Going Strong!
August 29
18:01 2017

Stockholm Ink Bash 2017; Overall Impression:

It was the 21st anniversary for Stockholm Ink Bash this year. However, you would not have guessed it from the hype that was ever present at the convention. All guests, from the regulars who have attended the convention before, to the newcomers for whom it was their first time. Everyone had a blast at this convention, it was like a family reunion, where everyone felt at home.

Not only was it a cozy convention, that still managed to entertain and feel like a big party. But it was also packed with talented artists from all over the world. Despite the somewhat large amount of artists (well over 100), everyone had business and no one sat there, with nothing to do.

The convention also seemed to cater to all crowds: If you were looking for a party, there was a bar with great staff ready to help you out. There was a lovely dining hall for the guests to enjoy as well. Loads of areas for people to go and chill and hangout in, as well as nice booths for all the artists, everywhere you went.

All in all, the convention had something for everyone and MediaZink had a blast attending it, as we are sure everyone else did too.

The Venue:

The venue for Stockholm Ink Bash was the same as it has been for many years. It was held at the beautiful München Bryggeriet. Which was a beautiful old brewery building, converted into a lovely convention center, down by one of the many waterfronts in Stockholm. The view from the balconies from this venue, were almost breathtaking enough to steal the attention from the tattooing that was going on.

Inside the brewery, the venue was just as beautiful. Especially around the stage area the organizers had utilized the venue design very well. With the stage facing the indoor balcony, the space for the audience to view the entertainment from, was doubled. This helped the stage area to not feel overcrowded, despite the large attendance of guests.

Other than that, they had made sure that all the attending tattoo artists had plenty of space for their work. Without forgetting to leave space for some of the merchants that were also present at the convention. All in all the venue was beautifully utilized to its fullest potential, making the convention even more incredible.

The Entertainment:

There was quite the variety of entertainment at this years Stockholm Ink Bash. However, it was never so much that it stole the show away from the tattooing and the tattoo artists. It still had the full feel of a proper tattoo convention.
With the tattoo competitions being the main attraction on stage.

But the other entertainment that went on, on stage, was quite interesting as well. Especially the presentation regarding the book “Yakuza Tattoo”, was quite interesting. It was a presentation, where the author got to explain, how he got to go and follow the infamous Japanese gang around, and not only write a book about them and their tattoos, but also take pictures.  Other than that, there was also the lawyer and biker ISMO SALMI, who explained how he has worked with tattoos within legislation and regarding the work environment.

Among the biggest entertainment highlights however, were the Beauty Freakshow, The Rockridge Brothers and Stockholm Muay Thai. The Beauty freak Show, added a sense of mystery and class to the vent, whenever they were on stage, these beautiful ladies stole the show and everyone attention. Stockholm Muay Thai, was quite the sober yet interesting presentation of the legendary martial art. But the best entertainment among these 3, were The Rockridge Brothers. A group of musicians, that played quite the jovial folk, punk, hillbilly music, that especially on Saturday, put a smile on everyone’s face at the bar. All the entertainment was generally very well thought out and planned.

What Did The Guests Think?:

MediaZink also went around the convention floor and talked to a handful of the guests attending the Stockholm Ink Bash 2017. Asking what they thought of the convention and what their favorite things were.

Simon from Skåne:

Quite a compact convention with lots of things to see and experience. Guess it could be bigger but it is great the way it is. 

He even got a tattoo at the convention on the Saturday.

His favourite thing about the convention: The diversity of people and artists, as well as the tattoo styles of the artists.

Chris & Amy; tourists that got to the con on saturday: 

we love it here, we just got here a beer ago haha.
Amy; it’s my first time at a tattoo convention at all, but it is so interesting and fun.
Chris; It’s my second convention in total, but it is my first time attending this one, it is very colorful and so inspiring.
Chris & Amy; it’s an awesome venue, so many things to see that you wouldn’t be able to see it all, in one walk around the venue. 

Chris was planning to get a tattoo, if he could find the right artist.

Tove & Sara; cute couple from Sweden visiting with their baby: 

It’s our first time at the convention, but we love it here. It’s very big and there is loads to see. But if compared to others, this is much more nice and cozy. Perhaps it is even a little more child friendly. 

Sara got a tattoo at East Street Tattoo.

The couple would both love to come back, especially

Leo from Venezuela; 

It is my second time at the convention, it is little and small, but very well organized. I am enjoying it so so much. 

Leo is also a tattoo artist himself, but he was just a guest at the Ink Bash, he will also be attending 50 Shades of Ink in Copenhagen.

Frans; From Stockholm:

I am loving the con, the tattoos and the inspiration are so awesome, it is also always nice to meet new people. It is my 4th or 5th time here, I am always impressed by how wheelchair accessible the venue is (Frans is in a wheelchair) and how friendly and polite people are here. 

We talked to even more guests, everyone had a blast at this convention, meeting both old friends and new.

Final Comments:

Honestly, it could be said as easy as one sentence, what we here at MediaZink think of Stockholm Ink Bash 2017: It was one hell of an awesome convention! If you weren’t there you missed out. Even guests who attended without any tattoos, were infatuated, with the world and culture of tattoos and  body-art. Which is all due to the way the convention was organized.

We will be posting a gallery with loads of pictures soon! as well as some videos from the convention, so keep an eye on the gallery section on the site, and our YouTube!

We here from mediazink certainly had a blast and look forward to being back next year! If you want to see what we get up to at conventions in the future, don’t forget to keep an eye on the site, follow us on Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), Facebook and Youtube etc.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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