About Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Stockholm is a beautiful city with plenty of tourist attractions and also full of historical places. As the capital city of Sweden, loads of people visit the city each year. When you are visiting Stockholm, consider coming in October since the weather is relatively cool and also there are several festival is held. One of the important festivals which surely cannot be missed out is the

Stockholm Burlesque Festival.

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The festival was first held in 2010 which is initiated by several Sweden’s pioneers of burlesque. Every year in October, the festival draws people attention from local and international. Numerous people line up to submit as the performers application for the festival. However, the Burlesque festival in Stockholm was took one year break in 2011 and the next year festival was a blast. Another festival which also takes part in October is the Octbooberfest which is a pink ribbon campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and also a fundraiser. The sixth year festival was recorded as one of the largest European Burlesque festivals with more than 1100 guests.

This year Burlesque festival in Stockholm will be held in Nalen Ballroom where the world biggest Stockholm jazz festival is also taken place. So, make sure to mark the Burlesque festival in Stockholm on your calendar.