Stinella/ Christina Schrøder; Tattoo Babe and Gamer Extraordinaire

Stinella/ Christina Schrøder; Tattoo Babe and Gamer Extraordinaire
November 14
13:49 2017

Stinella; From Gaming To Modelling:

Stinella as Christina is known by most people online, is at her 32 years of age, perhaps mainly known for her modelling career. This seems like a shame, as the tattooed babe, would first and foremost describe herself as a gamer and lover of videogames. The name Stinella didn’t start with her modelling either, it has always been her gaming tag and was even in her first email address. So from the beginning, her gaming was what she loved first.

Quake Rather Than Counterstrike:

To say the least, Stinella was not your average girl, nor was she your average gamer-girl. She started out playing Doom on her dad’s pc back in the day, when most other girls probably didn’t want to game at all.
But Stinella absolutely loved it.

Later with the help of her older brother, instead of getting into counter-strike like most people did back in the day around the new millennia, she got into Quake. Quake was much faster paced, gory and brutal, as well as a lot more male dominated gaming scene. But Stinella loved it and felt right at home with the fast paced first person shooter.

She never felt shunned or ostracized for being a girl either, not even back in the 90’s or early 2000’s.
She always felt like a part of the gaming community. Perhaps it was her goofy and modest personality, that got her accept as much as she was. She didn’t take her losses badly nor did she let herself get beat up by other stuff, she just loved gaming, especially with friends.

Most boys treat her fairly and properly. Among her friends, some of them might take the chance to ask some questions they otherwise couldn’t get answered, because she is a girl. But apart from odd questions now and then, she doesn’t feel like she is being treated any differently, for being a girl.

Looks are important, but they are not everything:

Today Stinella is both a tattoo model and an online gamer on twitch, both requiring her to show her looks off. However, looks are not all important to her; of course she cares about what she looks like. But for her, it is important, that she wears something she is into and likes to wear, especially when gaming on Twitch.

She would rather be the girl next door, down to earth and easy going. Instead of constantly posing and keeping up some pretty façade, of the girl people see in her modelling pictures.  People want to see the real person behind the pretty face and tattoos today. Especially when it comes to blogging/vlogging and streaming, people want to see the flaws and mistakes too. They don’t want flawless perfection, because it seems fake to most people.

She embraces her quirky and goofy nature, which she hopes people find endearing about her. A side of her, which her partner in crime the world famous tattoo model (among many other things) Anne Lindfjeld, brings out of her more than anyone else. The two of them bring out the best and quirkiest in one another, when they are gaming/working together. It’s down to earth and not as staged as other stuff.

Stinella a tag of many uses:

Stinella is no longer just a gamer tag, as much as it is also still that it has become kind of a hub. It is a hub where Christina/Stinella, combines all of the different aspects of her life; herself, her modelling and her gaming. It is the the name she used on Myspace (remember that?) as well as Instagram.

It connects everything for her. For her that was the name that started it all. Everything started with Myspace, it was an easy platform for her to meet and talk to various different people. She met everyone from other gamers, to bands and photographers. Suddenly she got a gig being in a music video for the Danish band Volbeat, and then Thomas Bense got a hold of her, because he saw that she was a gamer.

Then she got started with PixelTV, which back then was like an online gaming magazine, and then a dude asked if she wanted to be a ring girl for a Celebrity Boxing event, after that she got her first photoseries in a magazine called “Tidensmand”, and everything took off from there.

Pixel TV and Modelling:

She did however have a few years break from modelling, media work and all that. Indeed, after having had the break she started working for PixelTV once again. A lot had changed since the last time she worked there and the whole format was different. It had happened with the creation of Twitch TV, which build a whole new live streaming platform for gaming. It was live and a lot more serious.

So she started working there often, gaming live on their twitch channel along with some friends. Everyone noticed, that they got a lot more viewers when she was on the screen and she got a lot more followers on her Instagram. She even met some photographers while she shortly worked at High Voltage Copenhagen.
So she got to shoot her first series of gaming related modelling pictures.

When she then put them up on her Instagram, more photographers wanted to shoot with her, then it really kicked off, for real this time. The funny thing is, Stinella is still mainly a gamer, she never had any practice modelling and she still doesn’t know what she is doing, but somehow it all turns out great and people seem to love it.

Anne and Stinella part 1:

A lot of stuff happened, before Stinella found her Partner in crime in Anne Lindfjeld. At first she was asked by Thomas who she worked with at PixelTV if she wanted to come to a Christmas party, since Anne was there and she would otherwise be the only girl at the party. However, Stinella was unable to attend.

But the first seed was sown and Stinella found out, that Anne was going to be a host at a comic book convention together with Thomas. Then coincidentally she saw Anne at her local gym one day and she casually strolled over to her. Now Stinella thought Anne probably had heard about who she was and such, because they had both been on PixelTV. So she said to Anne “Hey say hi to Thomas for me”.

However, Anne had no idea who Stinella was and just looked at her all puzzled and confused.  Luckily this was not the end of it and Stinella met Anne again a week later at the gym. This time both of them were invited to a mutual friend’s birthday party, so she walked up to Anne and asked if she wanted to buy a gift for the friend together. This time they spent time brainstorming together and they also had a great time at the party, getting to know each other better.

Anne and Stinella part 2:

Anne and Stinella became great friends, they even started streaming together. Turned out it was the best idea ever and everything just fit together perfectly. They even began doing other projects together and gaming outside of PixelTV. The girls even got so popular working together, that they each got sponsorships from Monster Energy.

Today they even have a new project cooking together, where they want to game together, in their own format. A TV show where everything is not that staged, down to earth just the way the two girls like it.
A show where they just game and talk, where they are themselves and have guests come by.
Gaming, talking and challenges for the guests, all of it gaming related, to some extent.

Of course, people should still be able to share it with their friends online, despite it being a TV-show. As well as comment on it and share their own opinions, and feedback. They hope to show how everyone in the world, themselves and their guests, can be a gamer and perhaps are a little bit of a gamer. How it isn’t just one type of person.

Stinellas Own Tattoo Collection:

The Left Arm; From A Mess to A piece of Her childhood:

Of course Stinella has a few gaming tattoos, one of the favourites being an old-school Xbox controller.
Which was one of her favourite consoles, but most of her gaming tattoos commemorate another consoles empire. The company of Nintendo is heavily featured, on the upper half of her left arm.

This is all because of her childhood, where her Nintendo NES, was the very first console she ever got.
She started out playing Super Mario on that console, when she began gaming on her own. It was the first time she had her only little gaming universe, in her room with her own console and TV.

So the Nintendo game characters, especially from Super Mario, carry a lot of nostalgia for her. That is why she has chosen to commemorate them with tattoos on her arm. The rest of the left arm, was a whole other style of tattoo that she had begun to get done, but then the artist only ever lined up the upper half of her arm, he never finished it. For a while she walked around without anything on there, but when she had enough she went in and got her Nintendo tattoos done.

The Right Arm; Tim Klamer Collection:

The whole of her right arm is all the work of the tattoo artist known as Tim Klamer. She originally started out getting an old-school piece done by him, at a tattoo convention in Malmö. But when they had done the tattoo, Tim told her that they would leave it without a background, so that she could always build more on that arm as a sleeve.

After 2 years, Stinella found Tim again and told him that now was the time, she wanted to turn it into a full sleeve. She had grown even fonder of his old school style and gave him free hands to do what he wanted with her arm; as long as he made it colourful, had some Buddhism in there and a snake somewhere.

The Chest Piece:

One and a half years ago, Stinella was supposed to get a big colourful chest piece done. But as she was about to undergo surgery on her chest area, she opted out of it. Then she went and had some ornamental shoulder pieces done instead, in black and grey.

But later on, she went and had the quote “Love goes on forever” written across her chest. She can sometimes be a bit embarrassed about how cliché such a quote may be. But she loves the tattoo and she does feel that way about love, so some clichés are good to have.

First tattoo and back piece:

The very first tattoo the gorgeous gamer and model ever got, was on her hip. A tattoo honouring her mother as well as her Sicilian roots, it says Gioia. A word which means happiness, it is what her mother has always called her. Though it might be her first tattoo and not that well done, it carries too much meaning, so she is not sure if she would ever cover it up.

But after that first tattoo, she had gotten a taste for it and went big, once again in the name of family. She got her last name tattooed, in a colourful graffiti writing style, all the way down half of her back. It was only after these two, that she started on her left arm. So she was used to the needle by then.

Future Tattoo Plans:

A lot of tattoo artists constantly ask her if she wants more tattoos done, especially on her legs. Some even beg her to let them tattoo her and some even offer her tattoos for free. But she is not even sure, that she even wants her legs done, at least not yet but she will figure that out more clearly someday.

However, she is planning to have one very specific tattoo done someday in the future, when she figures out where she wants it on her body and who she wants to do it. She wants a PlayStation controller done, commemorating yet another awesome console and gaming period of her life.

Future Plans and Projects:

In the future, everyone can expect to see a lot more of Stinella. She wants to do more Podcasts with people like “Aldrig AFK”/never AFK, a Danish podcast about gaming. As well getting the gaming series her and Anne are working on together, started and running. Of course you can also expect to see her on PixelTV as well as see more model shoots with her. So please, go find Stinella and keep an eye on her and check out PixelTV on Twitch and Facebook.

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