Star Wars; Episode 8 is Here:


Star Wars Episode 8 is finally here. This week the long awaited next movie, in the long running sci-fi series, has its world premiere.
It has been no secret, people have been waiting 2 years since episode 7. Star Wars is everywhere, taking up space in most fans Christmas priorities.

Indeed this is the event of the season and perhaps of this year, for many people worldwide. Ending the year, by enjoying their favorite sci-fi universe with friends and family. This time, we will even get to enjoy Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill, speaking and being more present, according to the actor himself.

Even we here at Mediazink have not missed it, we too have noticed the Star Wars craze this Christmas. We even have a staffer who is a crazy and hardcore Star Wars fan!

May the Force be With You; Inked Up Fandom:

Interestingly enough, Star Wars fans are some of the most tattooed people out there. If you google it or search for the sci-fi universe on Instagram, you won’t have to look far or long, to notice tattoos popping up. Men and women all over the world, love this universe so much, that they ink it into their skin. From huge colorful pieces of jedi and sith, to famous battle scenes and characters from the movies. Tattoos of all genres are represented in this fandom.

We are loving it! it is not the only fandom in the world to be tattooed or to celebrate their fandom with tattoos. But as far as we can tell, when it comes to movie fans, no one holds a candle to star wars fans. Not even among other nerds and geeks (said lovingly, we love our nerds and geeks!), does many other fandom from gaming to comic books, hold a candle to Star Wars.

We can only say one thing, keep inking up guys. We look forward to seeing what the ever growing universe, in a galaxy far far away, will bring us of awesome ink in the future. From portraits of the actors and characters, to  logos from factions in the series and more.
May the force be with you all this Christmas/holiday!

Final Comments:

We hope you enjoyed this little fun article about the upcoming starwars movie and its very devoted fanbase. We hope everyone will enjoy the movie and the universe in years to come, feel free to tell us about your tattoos, stories, experiences and more!


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