STAPAW; “Your Body is Not Your Resume”:

STAPAW is an awesome non profit organization, with one simple goal in mind. They want to fight the workplace discrimination that still takes place today, towards people with piercings and tattoos. They do all their can on their website and through social media, to inform people of what tattooed people are really like. Trying to combat discrimination through information.

They even share new research on body-art to support their case, as well as success stories, of tattooed people with great careers. Like this they manage to do 2 things at once. Not only do they inform the outside observer, about what tattooed people are really like. But they also create hope, for many people with tattoos and body-art who just want to be themselves, and have a career too.

This organization does such a great job with such a noble selfless task. It is only made even more impressive by the fact that they are non profit. They truly just seek the betterment and understanding, of tattooed people within the workforce of the world.

Their Many Tools:

We already mentioned a few of STAPAWS methods, but that is far from all their tools. Among other things, they also do some peaceful activism. Such as calling up companies they know hire tattooed and pierced people, or others they have heard have done it, and thank them for doing so. Creating a positive discourse around the topic.

But they have also done so, in a case where a friend lost their job, then they gathered 500 people, to call the employer, thanking them for hiring someone with tattoos. Then, despite having been fired for visible tattoos, the friend got their job back. So they actively changed the mind of an employer.

They also try to give both employers and employees, as well as anybody else interested, all the info they could possibly want and need, on their website. Trying to teach and inform the whole work culture, about how tattoos and piercings are actually not hat they might have been made out to be. They cast a positive light on body-art, through substituting the misinformation of society, with proper information.

Final Comment:

To say everything there is to say about STAPAW, would take a whole book. It is truly a wonderful organisation that anyone who feel a connection to their ideals, should check out, follow and support. They post all sorts of awesome stuff and their website is filled to the brim with great information. Hopefully they find even more success in their mission, in the years to come. But we bet they will, they are already present in 50 states (US) and 68 different countries world wide.

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