The spirit of Last Rites

Located in Upper Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, Last Rites Tattoo Theatre and Studio was established in 1998 by tattoo artist, sculptor, painter, and filmmaker Paul Booth. In 2007, Booth opened the first dark art gallery in New York called the Last Rites Gallery. The current Last Rites spot provides an exceptional blend to visitors, with a fine art gallery located street-front, and the studio situated downstairs. The atmosphere of the place is well in sync with Booth’s style, the studio being dimly lit with red lighting, in a style dubbed ‘Hammer Horror Gothic’. The interior is all focused on dark art with pieces by top notch artists that are so evocative, they speak to you.

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Extraordinary devotion and ingenious creativity have made the multi-talented Booth the first ever tattoo artist in history to become a part of the National Arts Club, USA. Working on his talent with ink since the age of 21, he chose to take a rather dark and sinister approach in his craft. With the gift or transforming horror and misery into fascinating pieces, Booth’s masterpieces put one’s darkest and most horrific sides on canvas. Admiring this supposed morbid imagery however is said to bring a serene sense of inner peace, having the effect of cleansing one’s soul.

Despite being open 6 days a week, the enthralling and bizarre studio has gained a fan following so strong that most people have to wait over 3 years for an appointment. Almost a cult dedicated to Booth’s work, this includes personalities of every walk. The celebrity clientele itself speaks for the quality of Last Rites. Among those inked, we have actor Nicholas Cage, musician Greg Allman, as well as members of Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera, Down, and Lamb of God.

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The team consists of a number of local and international artists from all over the world, all of whom do absolute justice to the spirit of Last Rites, such as Logan, Megan, Yomico (Venezulela), Toxyc (France) and Stefano (Peru). In addition to the regular experts, Last Rites’ roster also has guest artists from all over the world who bring their unique talent with them. Besides the talent, the team is also well-known for their accommodating and friendly behavior with the clients and visitors.

The tattoos created at Last Rites are not only one of a kind but also extremely striking and detailed making them truly breathtaking. The team does their best to help conceptualize the idea you have in your head and then bring it to life through ink. Clients are often heard claiming they got exactly what they wanted. Granted the services offered at Last Rites are a little pricey, but the clients would all swear that you would be getting your money’s worth, if not more. For those of you considering getting inked, a loyal Last Rites client has the perfect advice: “Please don’t get a shitty tattoo. Go to Last Rites and get it done right.”