South American – Jagua Skin Decorations

Jagua tattoo method involves the surface application of a dye which then sets within a few hours, staining the upper layer of skin, or epidermis.
The body sloughs off this layer of skin continuously, and eventually the tattoo fades and disappears.
This differs from Pacific Islands’ methods of applying tattoos,
the word itself derived from the Polynesian Tatau, meaning “to write”.

Jagua Tattoo

The term is commonly associated with the permanent surgical insertion of pigment
underneath the skin, as opposed to pigments applied to the skin’s surface.
Both mehndi (henna) and Jagua tattoos stain the top skin layer.
In the case of Jagua the color develops and darkens over several days until blue-black.

Jagua body art was invented by Circum – Caribbean tribes and indigenous peoples of the Amazon region.

I Tried Jagua Tattoos – Tina Tries It

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In this episode of Tina Tries It, I’ll be changing things up! Instead of testing out a new product, I will be trying a new form of art- jagua tattooing!
I’ve invited Singapore’s first Jagua Tattoo Artist, See Min Ng to give me a quick crash course on jagua tattooing then I’ll be doing the real thing on my boyfriend Alfred. Wish me luck! 😬

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