Traveling, designs and videos have always been some of my things that i loved, cared about and had fun doing, but always kept seperat. So my latest thought and project was to connect all the things together and work it out in life. And thats why the thought of making a fashion, travel and lifestyle channel on youtube, that would connect all my passion about the three things I loved most together in one thing.

My Name is Tobias Strøm, im 18 and just started as a youtuber.
So my first tattoo was actually with two of my guys I went on a vaction with. Drunk in the evening as we where, a tattoo was needed and under the right foot it came “no ragrets” its says, yes it’s right the qoute from scotty P’s chest from the movie “we the Millers”.
But as i turned 18 and my thoughts of getting this tattoo became bigger I wanted to make my lifes biggest statement to all the things I love most, in my eyes a Master piece of work on my arm that also became one of my youtube videos. I really hope you all like it and you Can here more i formation in my video.