Smart Tattoos; It’s Good For You

Smart Tattoos; It’s Good For You
October 05
17:00 2017

Smart Tattoos Which Will Help Monitor Your Health:

Smart tattoos are now part of the near future. More precisely researchers at Harvard and MIT, have developed what can be called smart tattoo ink. It is an ink, which through changing colors, according to specific parameters within your body, can indicate symptoms to do with your health. For example it will be one color to indicate dehydration and another to indicate low blood sugar.

The idea is, that the inks could be used to create normal tattoo art. However, this art would have the added ability, to help monitor your health. It is inspired by previous research, with wearable biosensors, inserted under the skin.
However, they hope that their Smart Tattoos, will be a much more stylish and easily applied alternative.

However, there is still a long way to go, perfecting this technology. Although they have been able to create ink, that will change color to show dehydration or low blood sugar. They still need to develop it further, so the ink for example, won’t diffuse in the skin. Making the tattoos last, like normal tattoos. For much more info check the following article.

Similar Projects; Scientific Body-Art:

There have been other similar and interesting projects, as can be seen above created through body-art.
For example a dermal implant, that will trigger an electric pulse on your chest, whenever you are facing north.
Thus teaching the body and your brain, to recognize which way north is, making you your own compass.

Even other stuff as simple as looking into how some piercings, can help combat migraines. Or indeed within the social sciences, looking at what affects body art, especially tattoos, have on peoples sense of self. Some scientists even claiming, that it can help combat depression for some individuals.

There are also medical tattooing, which has been mentioned before, with cancer survivors and more. However the tattoo ink talked about above, takes it a step further, into an almost sci-fi realm.

Final Comments:

It is indeed incredible and impressive, how body-art has become not just a tool for self-expression in today’s day and age. But also a phenomenon, which scientists are now looking to use, as a tool for improving our lives, in all sorts of ways. We can only look in awe, at what the future holds. But certainly, body-art has become a positive thing and continues to be viewed more positively through science, in today’s society.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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