The Tale Begins:

Slains Castle, is actually an old ruin lying near the town of Aberdeen in Scotland. However, for the people like us here at Mediazink, who would rather quench their first. Rather than looking at an old ruin, you could go into the town of Aberdeen. While there, you might happen upon a rather interesting, not to say awesome, namesake of the old ruins.
A pub named “Slains Castle”.

Not only is the pub placed within a building, that you could be forgiven for thinking would be an old church. Which, given the theme, is kind of ironic. But the eerieness/awesomeness does not stop there, for this pub is truthfully eerie in the best way. As the whole place is decorated as if it was taken, right out of Bram Stokers Dracula novel.

A Pub for A Night-walker Party:

Indeed, it could not be anymore appropriate to name the pub after the castle ruins. It fits the theme perfectly, as the castle is said to have inspired Bram Stoker, to write Dracula. But that is not where the theme ends. With the dim lihting, the dark decorations and cobwebs everywhere (fake ones, arachnophobes be at ease).  The bar would draw any vampire fan in, and we here at Mediazink are certainly intrigued.

But the theme does not stop at the decorations, which are mind you, quite perfectly done to suit any nightwalker/vampire, that wants to party. Oh no, the theme even stretches to the food and drinks. Where the Food menu might be lacking in themed items and basically has many of your pub standards and other delicious stuff. The drinks menu more than makes up for it!

It is not often you walk into a pub and can order a 4 different drinks, by naming each of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (according to the bible). But here you can and why stop there? How about ordering from a list of the 7 deadly sins or the 7 contrary virtues… no? well they even have the vikings among us covered, with a list of Valhalla themed drinks too.

But don’t you worry, even if you are not a vampire lover, a thrill seeker or the generally adventurous type. They also have you covered with the classics, like a cold pint or a jäger bomb.

Final Comments:

Indeed, Slains Castle is one hell of a pub, and seems like it could provide a night to wake the dead. They complete the theme well, from the decorations to the drinks. You would be forgiven for walking in there and expectin the Swedish band Eleine, to be playing there. They would fit the theme perfectly, seeing as we are sure they are vampires or at least pretending to be.

This pub is a one you cannot miss, should you ever find yourself in aberdeen, we here at Mediazink at least know we wouldn’t dare miss it and would welcome a drink, with any vampires we might find there.
It would be delightfully sinful.


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