Sifou – The Mandala King in Skåne


My name is Sifou.

Sacred Mandala Tattoo Family


I have tattooed since 2005 if I have counted correctly.
It has been a blessing to have tattooed for so many years.

My goal is and has always been to offer unique tattoos to all my customers. My artistic ambition has always been to be able to master all styles. Of course there are styles I like more than others. I have a foundness for large tattoos, it can be anything from great classic Asian tattoos to Buddhist, Hindu, Dotwork, Black N ‘Gray, etc. But as a tattoo artist I do not like to put up walls for myself, I’m very broad and do the most styles with pleasure … All from small texts to large comprehensive works. The freer rein you give me, the better it gets.

I always have loved to draw, paint and create for as long as I can remember and I also have 3 years of art education in the back. So thinking in images is something I can, give me a basic idea, then entrust me to draw a tattoo to be proud of. I also believe that hygiene is of paramount importance and are constantly working to maintain the health requirements needed to run a reputable studio. Getting the chance to work as a tattoo artist full time is something many can only dream of. You could say that I’m lucky!

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I Would like to thank all my customers that have help me develop daily! And a big thank you to my sponsors @supply_division & @officialiqtattoocare


To follow me and my work.

Instagram: @sifou_tattoo

Facebook: Mandala Sifou


To make an appointment with me,

please come down to the studio:

House Of Pain Tattoo Center

Norra Storgatan 14




Contact me at:

Studio Tel: +46768942418

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I also work at many conventions around the world. So if you do not have the opportunity to come to Sweden, stay tuned for future conventions and dates.


I’ve even won some awards

for my work:

3’d place, best of crazy 2014

2’d place, best of oriental 2014

2’d place, best of crazy 2015

2’d place, best big Bn’G 2015

3’d place, best of sleeve 2016

2’d place, best of Bn’G 2016


1Love// Sifou

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