Shayne Smith; Nerdy, Inked and Funny:

Shayne Smith is perhaps the most tattooed comedian out there. But don’t let that fool any of you, tattoos are far from all he is about. Despite his trimmed tattooed looks, Shayne is as he himself would say a huge nerd. He jokes in equal amounts about nerdy and geeky stuff, as he does about the gambits you run into in daily life, when being very heavily tattooed.

He has a lot of positive energy when he performs on stage and a down to earth attitude. Making him a hit with most audiences. No matter if you love tattoos or not, it seems Shayne will win you over with his style of comedy. He tries to break all stereotypes people might label him with. Whether it is tattoos or his goofy and nerdy personality. He attacks any stereotype head on and breaks through them with his awesome comedic talent.

He is definitely one to go take a look at, if you like tattoos and nerdy stuff. But you need to be able to take a critical look at yourself too if you are heavily tattooed, as Shayne is not afraid of making fun of other people with lots of tattoos, as he proves in one of his routines.

Final Comment:

With or without tattoos Shayne is a funny man. But it is cool to see such a heavily tattooed guy, making it on the comedy scene. It becomes, whether he wants it to or not. Yet another example of how diverse tattooed people are, as well as how tattooed people can be just like the rest of society. We will definitely look out for more of Shayne’s stuff.

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