Shannon Romijn – Interview

Hello, What´s your name and where are you based?
– My Name is Shannon Romijn; 26 years old and I work
and live in Nieuwegein the Netherlands, which is near by
Utrecht in the middle of our little country.

And how long have you been into tattooing?
– I started tattooing only five years ago.

What is your favorite style of work?
– I love doing photorealistic and realistic work,
but also freehand is something I love to do.

How long have you been doing this style of tattooing?
– Almost small year ago I started with small, micro portraits
and I am trying to specialize my self more in this.  I have done
Pennywise from the movie It on a hand in full color,  some animals
and off course some portraits the size of a coin. Other then that I also
started my own designs, which are combinations of combined images
and divided in  in color and opac grey in a realistic theme, called Shanism.

Do you have any other interests in the world of body art, besides tattoos?
– There no time for it! 😀

Where would you love to travel, for work?
– I love to go to Finland. I have been there several times and
made a lot off friends, which is awesome when I am traveling
back to them. It feels a bit like getting home. I also like to travel
to Ireland &the USA. They are really into the micro portraits;
so there’s a lot of work for me. In fact I am going to the Queen City
Tattoo & Art Festival  at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte,
NC in October this year. Around this convention I am quest spotting
in New Jersey, Manhattan and Long Island.

Any future plans?
– I want to push myself to become one of the best artists in my specialism.
Off course you never know if it will work out; but at least I am going for it.
I am going to several conventions next year, but that needs to be scheduled.
As a member of the Proteam for World Tattoo Events I am looking forward
for the things that are coming.

Do you prefer rotary or coil machine, and why?
– I prefer a rotary machine. I love the sound of those
machines and it effect my state of mind and concentration
while I am working when there’s too much loud noises from it.

Any artist that are your biggest inspiration?
– Artists that work hard for their Art inspire me the most.
I have had the honor of working with Dim Bukhrov an artist
in his own style of “old school”  from Moscow. The work of Zhang
Po AKA Popo is also amazing. I am very excited to see him while I am
will quest spotting at World Famous Tattoo Art Gallery  his home base
on Long Island. I ensure myself to watch and learn everything I can!

Where can our readers see more of your work?
– On my Instagram;