Russian Master Artist Sergey Shanko

Russian Master Artist Sergey Shanko
February 26
06:00 2016

Russian Master Artist Sergey Shanko.

Take a good look at these art creations from one of the finest artist from Moscow.
Sergey is travellin´the World.
Many of the big conventions around the World have been blessed with Sergey´s artwork and a lot
of prices and awards have been collected.

Mediazink have choosen to highlight Sergey due to his perfection on the colors and the smootheness in the work.
Dimension and details make sure the tattooes hit a very high level.

A full photo gallery is on the way.
Until then enjoy these master pieces from the young Russian artist.


Photo: Sergey Shanko
Check these drawings:

10513274_486589364810138_3312617121196791079_n 11707469_665097510292655_5000466214089450834_n


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    Oki sådan fedt ? a like from dan palmer tattoo World Langå -Denmark

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