Seen by a mother’s eyes.

Seen by a mother’s eyes.
January 21
08:00 2015

18 years birthday present. 7 days in New York.

Do there exist anything better than to joy your lovely children?

When Rasmus turned 18 years, he got a present, a trip to New York with his Mother. His biggest wish was fulfilled. The wish was to get a new Canon camera, because he had dropped the one he got when he became 15 years old.



Rasmus bought his giant Canan Total Proff. with 3  lenses mm. HURRAH!

Now everything in New York was seen threw lenses, while I was hold in a long lead after a 18 years old fit long-legged photograph from Liseleje, Rasmus J. Johnsen.



It was an incredible lovely week, alone with my big beloved son.

When do I get such a chance again? – Probably never.

Rasmus’ own life started, he is moved on a dormitory room in Copenhagen and he is VERY happy.

Thank you for an amazing week Rasmus, with a lot of enjoyable experiences.

Seen by a mother’s eyes.


3 years after, sister Nanna, 18 years.


Since big brother was in New York, Nanna have saved up, to be 18 years old and wish the same gift from her mother.


7 days in New York.


Finally the time has come, and we arrived here, 21-10-2014, after an incredible journey. There is a huge different from a boy and girl trip.

There is not a brand store I didn’t been in…


Museum etc. hasn’t been preferred…


But high lien, walking in second floors heights in the middle of the city, was a hit.

Cupcakes, Rockefeller, giant outlet, one-hour buss trip out of city were super.


‘’The Lion King’’ as a musical, thoroughly recommences. Eating on The View on 48. floor, very nice view.

Budda can offer super food. Plannet Hollywood, have to be tried. Hard Rock Cafe etc., a lot of confectionaries we have enjoyed.

A very big ‘’girl thing’’, is Victoria’s secret, Waooo we went there for 2 hours in a very exquisite exclusive class lingeri.


Ralph Lauren…for the half of price.

Michal Kors bags and watches.

Yes yes, I have seen STARS in my lovely daughter’s eyes, who really have loved her saving moneys to this experience.

My lonely week with Nanna in New York, have in all ways been as quite as wonderful as with Rasmus.

It is recommend, to rip a week out of our busy life, give it to the most precious we have in life. OUR CHILDREN.

It will return to you within a 1000 times.

Loving greetings, from a happy mom.



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