Seb Lester; Calligraphy and Art to Inspire

Seb Lester; Calligraphy and Art to Inspire
August 10
19:00 2017

Seb Lester; Calligraphy Superstar!

Seb Lester can boast about a CV, that would make any person jealous. He has worked with NASA, Apple, NIKE, Intel and more. But except of working for the companies as a CEO or yet another employee, Seb has done it all, with his art.

Seb Lester himself.

He is not your regular artist either, in just 5 years he has gone from doing graphic design. To being one of, if not the best, in the world at Calligraphy. An ancient art-form, that makes writing/lettering, into works of art.
There are countless of awesome creations on his Instagram (@seblester) page alone. Using various different materials, writing anything from nice messages, to showing how he does famous logos.

Do go to his website to read more about his impressive story and look at his artwork. Or maybe you can buy some of his awesome artwork.

Work That Must Inspire:

Surely the kind of Art Seb does, must be able to inspire tattoo artists and other artists alike. He surely shows how enchanting and awesome Calligraphy can be. An art-form which, despite also being rare there, was mainly kept alive in Asia. Perhaps by the nature of the way Kanji for example, seem to be calligraphy by default.

But like tattoos have become more and more modern with the times. Seb certainly shows that calligraphy is anything but boring. It fills anyone with excitement just watching his art at work. Even more so, imagining how it might look on the skin.

Please go and enjoy this amazing artists work, as well as how he brings an ancient art-form renewed life.
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