Scottish Tattoo Convention 2018; Two Days of Amazing Artists and Shows:

The Scottish Tattoo Convention 2018, was to put it very shortly, for the impatient among you, one fantastic event.
There was something for everyone at the convention. Here we are not just talking about the tattoo artists present at the event, among which every conceivable style was represented. No there was litterally something for everyone, whether you wanted a cool trinket, a nice shave, some new threads or your kid might want their face painted. There was literally something for everyone.

Back when this convention first started out 8 years ago, Scotland had never had an international tattoo convention before. Due to licensing problems it had not been possible. But Jim (the organizer), found a compromise and got the Scottish Tattoo Convention underway.

Jim and his little son, backstage at the convention

Since then it has kept growing and kept improving. Today they have 200 artists from all over the world and the UK. All of which come to this awesome event, with more than plenty of work to do and with time to enjoy themselves as well.

The Venue:

The venue for this years Scottish Tattoo Convention (STC from now on), was the same as it has been every year sinc the start. With good reason, the Edinburgh Corn Exchange made for one fantastic venue, which Jim (the organizer) and his staff, utilized fully to its utmost potential.

There was plenty of room for all the artists, utilizing both the main hall and the slightly smaller Barons  hall. While still leaving plenty of space for exhibitions and traders. They have used the same buildup this year as they did the previous year, a build up which they have fine tuned over the years and still continue to improve upon slightly every year.

A big bonus at this event, was also the great signing and big maps that were posted on key locations at the venue, making sure that people knew what was going on and where. Another thing which they have to be praised for, was the excellent options for food, having 3 different food trucks present at the event, as well as a bar indoors. Even if you may not enjoy that, there was several supermarkets close by, as well as a pub and a restaurant.

The Artists:

As mentioned previously there was around 200 artists working at the convention this year. With space for 175, so a few artists worked on the first day, that then exchanged their spot with someone else on the second day. But all in all in ran smoothly and all of the artists present seemed very satisfied. It was very clear, that everyone had plenty of work to do, so much so that most of the artists were fully booked throughout the event.

The awesome trophies at this years convention.

The competitions all ran smoothly as well, with the 2 most coveted trophies being the best of day, for both of the 2 days the convention lasted. These trophies went to the 2 brilliant artists Sneakymitch (from the UK) who won on day one and Moshink (from Spain) who won on day 2. Who both won their respective trophies with amazing, detailed and very colorful pieces.

Winner of day one.

Winner of day two

But there was so much great talent at this convention and many great names, such as Mark Ford and Jessica V, Liz Venom, Alex Madcrow, Joe Frost and many others. Truly it was paradise for any tattoo lover.

The Entertainment:

When it comes to the entertainment the Scottish Tattoo Convention did not pull any punches here either. Having several acts, from the daring and dangerous, the awe inspiring and baffling, down to the down right funny kind. So once again a great variety.

Cervena Interacting with a fan at her booth before one of her shows.

Some of the main attractions here, were the Death Do Us Part Dangershow, The Miss Pinup Scotland Competition, but biggest and most anticipated of all, the great and beautiful Cervena Fox Herself (Which we had the pleasure of interviewing, so article to follow in the future). Many of the performers incuding Cervena, were returning after having performed previous years at the convention and having loved it. Which we are sure people loved too, as the floor was packed in front of the stage, during all of their shows.

Cervana Fox kindly posing at our booth, after our interview.


There was even room for improvisation, which gave the convention a certain awesome feel to it. One of the key examples of this, was the amazing moment on the second day. Where the Compare (an awesome man named Pedro), who had already started a charity toy collection for sick people on stage. Made an impromptu facepaint competition for the children, on stage. With Cervena even stepping in as one of the judges. It was truly a magical moment that was part of making this years convention special.

Pedro on stage doing what he does best.

Final Comment:

As it has been said many times by now. There was something for everyone at this years Scottish Tattoo Convention. Whether you came with or without a tattoo, everyone seemed to love it and get along. The vibe at this convention was one of a cozy party/get together, where everyone seemed to be able to go at their own pace and enjoy the event in their own way. It was one not to miss and we truly feel sorry for anyone that missed this awesome event, we are definitely planning on coming back next year.

No worries to people that missed out however, there will be a huge gallery and vidoes to come on our website, to show you much more of the convention.

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