Scarification might appear a new word in you dictionary which in vernaculars means ‘Tattooing’ or ‘Superficially cutting designs on your skin’, Which is today one of the most popular and growing trends all over the world. It at first appears a painful process in which your skin is cut out to scalpel desired design in your skin which is then filled with ink and after healing become a tattoo.

Tattooing is a subculture that goes back 5300 years. It has been fashioning from that point forward, and has become a standout amongst the most common popular society gatherings of the 21st century. Tattoos are extraordinarily compelling, particularly when taking a look at viewpoints, for example, craftsmanship, or beautiful body modification.

Statistics demonstrated that the American acknowledgment for tattoos has developed by more than 10% in the most recent 60 years. This is more than 10 million individuals who have turned out to be more inclined to the specialty of tattooing in America alone.

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Tattooing is a type of self-expression; a way for determining your own identity and is a form of distinction from other human entities. It is clear that tattooing is an in significant culture that is non-transient in society which clearly reflects its growing popularity among youth who feel themselves in complete without being modified through scarification. Tattooing is undeniably a valuable expression of society today.

Humans have many ways to glorify art and Scarification is one of the growing arts which according to one of its expert ‘Yann Brenyak ‘is a ‘graphic skin portrait’ which seems to be curious and fantastical in its nature.

Mass media has contributed to the reckless development of this art. They put the genuine characteristics of tattooing in plain view. These qualities include: magnificence, fantasy, and something that has a colorful worth. These illustrations of present day media have likewise greatly affected the way that we see tattooing today. It has changed the perspective of tattoos from something as ‘ filth of the earth’, to something, compelling and well known products of sorts.

The best example of which is Kurt Miranda a graduate in science school is walking work of art of scarification. The decorated Miranda has is 45 percent body of hers covered in tattoo and according to her the artist have crafted of $20,000 worth of tattoo on her body.

Thus ancient practices of scarification have revived and today’s youth have breath a new soul with new aesthetics in it. It has unique charm and attractive quality that brings people closer to the tattoos. Although it looks gruesome but if craved beautifully person feel endurance with no lasting harm.


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The aesthetic outcome of a healed scarification can never be predicted for the reason that people are unique and the end result relies on the wearer’s healing, genetics, and aftercare.

You can experiment this on any part of your body and any design that you might find appealing. So if you’re planning to try this extreme body art, be sure you are well-informed and prepared for it.